Why iPhone 3g Isn't iPhone 2

Many people have pointed out the failings of the new iPhone 3g. Features seemingly omitted for no good reason.   Features that were much anticipated, and much rumoured.   But when you look at Apple, and the situation they are currently in with regards to their phone business, it makes perfect sense. Thinking about iPhone […]

The 3g iPhone "Must Haves"

I’ve made no secret of my hopes and dreams for the 3g iPhone, which is inevitably going to be announced in less than 24 hours at the WWDC opening keynote.   To recap, these are the predictions I made about   a month ago: – Same size (or very close), same form-factor Slightly reduced price, […]

Why Are Plugins and Tools Making My Code Invalid?

I’ve mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks that I’m currently working on a new design for this blog. I’ve now stumbled into a problem, one that will be difficult to overcome. The problem at hand is to do with code validity. I won’t bother going into the pros and cons of […]

Apple Dropping the Ball?

Usually during a product launch, Apple are meticulous. Everything is in its’ place, and everything looks great. However, in the wake of the iPod Touch launch, a product which will literally change the industry forever (trust me), there have been a few mishaps. Very un-Apple-like. The first problem I came across was when visiting the […]

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