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5 Ways I TRIPLED my Adsense Income

A number of my sites have carried Adsense adverts for a while. However, I’ve never really designed with them in mind. In the past I’ve designed my site and then, at a later date, added the advertisments. This presents 2 major problems. Firstly, the advertisments don’t fit the design particularly well, this presents problems for […]

What Stats Should you be Interested In?

If you run a blog or website, chances are there are loads of stats at your disposal. Everything from referrers to bounce rates. Keywords and heat maps. Digging into stats packages such as Google Analytics can be daunting even if you know what everything means. If you don’t, it can be downright traumatic. Stats are […]

5 Resources to Make YOU a Better Blogger

If your a blogger, you need help. I know that’s a blunt statement, but it needs to be said. There isn’t a blogger on the planet who knows everything. Fortunately, many people know bits of information, often in highly specialised areas. The great thing is, bloggers like to write, so they will often share their […]

Adsense Optimisation, Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Adsense can be a great money spinner for bloggers and webmasters. Getting the most out of it can be a bit of a dark art. And to muddy the waters even further, there’s loads of advice out there, some of which goes into an insane amount of detail. The problem is, everyone who gives advice […]

5 OSX Automator Actions for Bloggers & Developers

Blogging can, at times, be quite tedious. There are repetitive tasks that need to be completed and some things that just aren’t enjoyable. So what we all really need are some simple tools that allow us to get on with the actual writing of content and streamlining the more arduous tasks. Unfortunately, there are such […]

How to Scientifically Identify Content that’s Perfect for your Blog

Every day I seem to come across articles giving advice on finding content for bloggers. Finding inspiration, beating writers block, the usual. Some tips are obvious, some less so. They all seem to have a common theme though, go out there and find something that interests you and hope it also interests your readers. It’s […]

Reducing Bounce Rates with the Personal Touch

Quite a few months ago I wrote a post on what I considered to be the best hidden features and tools to be found in OSX. Much to my surprise, the article quickly hit the front page of digg.com and became very popular. In fact, that one article still provides more than 50% of this […]

Again with the BBC (Baffling Broadcasting Corporation)

I’ve written about the BBC and their odd website and IT practices before, but this one is just plain strange. I was thinking about heading down to Cornwall over weekend for a few days R & R, so, as you do in the UK’s changeable climate, I wanted to check the weather forecast. So I […]

5 Ways To Take the Pain Out of Web Design

Web design and web development is, by nature, a very complicated beast. There are so many things to consider at every stage of the process, it can sometimes become somewhat confusing, especially to those who don’t have their workflows sorted. I’m not looking to suck the fun out of web design, its an enjoyable process […]

Welcome Wii-ers

I happened to check my logs and came across this entry, and for some reason its really amused me. I’ve been lucky enough to play around with the Wii web browser, based on Opera 9, and really like it. As far as non-computer web browsing goes, it up there with the best of them. If […]

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