WordPress at Risk from New Automatic, Distributed Attack – A Few Tactics for Prevention

The web’s been a bit of a buzz today regarding a report from the Internet Storm Center which detailed a new method of attack on WordPress sites.  Whilst this is a new take on an old trick, a simple brute force attack (where multiple passwords are attempted until one works), the delivery mechanism is causing […]

What WordPress Needs to do to Progress

Like millions of others, I’m a heavy user of WordPress. I run multiple blogs and am involved with many more.   I’m also finding that the number of sites I visit daily that are powered by WordPress is growing rapidly.   Everything from small one-man-band blogs to offshoots of major media outlets.   But despite […]

Help Shape the Future of WordPress

WordPress, the number one blogging platform on the Internet, is undergoing another fairly major change for version 2.7.   Amongst the changes is a restructuring of the Administration menus, which have only recently been redesigned.   If you happen to be a WordPress user, either self hosting or on WordPress.com, you can take part in […]

How to Implement a Robust, Usable Image Thumbnail Solution in WordPress

In this article I’ll show you how to create a robust and usable thumbnail solution for WordPress themes. One that will automatically resize images and optionally add borders and copyright watermarks.

How to Effectively add Links to your Blog Posts

Linking is the lifeblood of the internet. Without the ability to link, the internet would be a very difficult place to frequent. The same is true for sites and blogs, without links to expand on ideas, provide further reading and guide your readers to usefull content, a blog can become a very unwelcoming place. There […]

2 Ways to Automatically get your Content "Out There"

One of the great blogging challenges is getting your content out there for people to see. For the most part, this involves manually promoting your site and spending lots of time (and money!) finding places to post links and just generally doing the promotion thing. Luckily, there are a few easy, free and automatic ways […]

5 Crucial, but Invisible, WordPress Plugins

I’m a huge fan of WordPress. It just seems to be the most complete Open Source project out there, and not just web based open source applications, all open source applications. One of it’s great strengths is that the developers made an excellent decision with regards to leaving functionality out. As most developers will tell […]

5 Services Every Blogger Should Know About

There are many, many blogs out there. Some are better than others. Some that are not so good seem to get more traffic than they may deserve and some really good blogs remain fairly obscure. There are ways to give your blog a competitive edge however, so I’ll run through them just to even the […]

WordPress Post Installation Checklist

There’s a good post over at Download Squad that goes through some essential things that must be done after installing WordPress. Seeing as that’s something I’ve just done, I can whole heartedly concur, except for a few settings here and there and their choice of plugins. Its a good post if your new to this […]

A Quick Note on Installing Worpress and Permalinks

As you may have noticed this blog is driven by WordPress, the very fine blogging platform. I’ve installed a number of WordPress implementations over the last year but this is the first one I’ve had any problems with, and this is why. Usually, I settle for the standard, prettyish permalink setting that includes the index.php […]

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