Am I too old to change browsers?

I’ve been a FireFox fan for a long time, since well before the first v1.0 release in fact, and I’ve recommended it to friends and family at every opportunity. I loved it’s extendibility, it’s feature set, it’s usability and the fact it was freely available to anyone who wanted. More that that though, I loved […]

Why FireFox's Ubiquity could be a game changer

Mozilla, the people behind FireFox, have tentatively released a new plugin called Ubiquity out into the wild.   One fairly humble blog post on the Mozilla Lab’s Blog is, in my opinion, going to change the way we all think about the web. What is Ubiquity? The quick way of describing Ubiquity is to simply […]

The Easiest Way to Shorten URLs

We all come across situations where a URL is just a little bit too long.   OK, that may not be true, but anyone who has used Twitter (follow me on Twitter!) knows that every character counts, so being able to shorten a 73 character URL into a 25 character URL is essential.   The […]

Add Twitter to your FireFox Sidebar with Hahlo

Twitter is great.   Hahlo is great.   And, FireFox is great.   And when you combine the three, wow.   There’s been a rush of late with people puttin iPhone versions of sites into their FireFox Sidebar.   it’s a great idea as iPhone sites are typically formatted in such a way that allows […]

Best of 2007 on The Oak Innovations Blog

2007 is gone. It was the year this blog started, and these are the five most popular posts from the last year.

5 FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

Use FireFox? Well you need these five top Keyboard shortcuts. I use them all at least once every waking hour of the day. Not revolutionary or new, just great and time saving. You may also like to read about two FireFox URL tricks I use just as much. Jump to the Search Box – Ctrl(Windows)/Cmd(OSX) […]

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