Two Web Relics Are Being Killed Off

Sometimes you have a feeling of fondness for old technology.  Something you’ve used for years, or used to use years ago, that may not be the newest thing out there, but you like it none the less.  Like your old faithful dog, that follows you around all day destroying your slippers.  It smells a bit, […]

Google launches voice search iPhone app, hides it

You may have noticed that some of the tech blogs out there have been covering the botched launch of an update the Google’s iPhone application.  It was initially supposed to launch last Friday, but was not available until today.  The key new feature in this app is the ability to perform searches based on voice […]

Google, is that you?

I’ve dusted off the cobwebs from my Parallels installation and Windows XP virtual machine so I could try out Google Chrome.   The new, hawt, browser from Google.   I’ve heard that one of the benefits of using Chrome is that Google web apps, such as GMail and Google Reader, run much faster and tend […]

New Google Reader for iPhone

Google has just released a sleek version of Google Reader for use on the iPhone. It almost mirrors the functionality found in the full version and incorporates some nice AJAX functionality to make it all very mobile friendly.

Google Reader Adds Annoying New Feature

I’m a big, nay, huge fan of Google Reader.   I love the fact that it’s a one stop shop for all my feeds which i can access on any computer, my phone and even my iPod Touch.   The best thing is, it works and looks great on all those platforms.   A very […]

Google Docs: The Best Way to Post to WordPress?

Ever since I started using WordPress, my writing has been done almost exclusively in the WordPress editor. Sometimes manually coding the HTML, sometimes using the rich text editor, always wondering if there was a better way. So for quite a while I experimented with various offline and online editors, but none of them quite came […]

What Would Make Me Sign up for .Mac?

.Mac stares you in the face whenever you use your Mac. Apple pushes it whenever possible but, I’ve never really been tempted. So what would have to change about .Mac before I seriously consider it?

Finally, Google Takes a Valid and Worthwhile Step

I’ve written previously about Google reducing the PageRank of sites that sell links, but it seems as if they’ve gotten round to another much maligned aspect of blogging, Pay Per Post.   Personally, I don’t like Pay Per Post.   While I accept that some blogs make alot of money from it (see the image […]

Why Google HAD to butcher PageRank

With all the controversy about Google reducing the page rank of sites that sell links, everyone seems to be overlooking one crucial point. Google HAD to do it. To understand why, we really need to look at the overall effect of the PageRank drop across those sites. When the PageRank drop happened, many were surprise […]

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