Looking at O2's New iPhone 4 Tariffs

O2 announced the tariffs for iPhone 4 today to much criticism. Gone are the unlimited data bundles of old, replaced by what could only be described as meagre allowances, reduced voice minutes, additional charges for MMS messages and higher charges. The Plans I thought it would be interesting to compare the current plan I’m on […]

Thoughts on an Apple Tablet

It seems almost inevitable.  The room’s been booked, the invitations have been sent out and the flights are scheduled.  Apple must be revealing a Tablet on the 27th.  There remains, however, many questions surrounding exactly what form the device will take. I have a particular interest in the tablet’s user interface.  Interfaces are something that […]

iPhone 3GS Review

Evolution not revolution seems to be the quote of choice amongst reviewers of the iPhone 3GS, but I think it sells the device somewhat short.   While it’s easy to dismiss minor bumps to speed, in practice it feels like a different phone.   I’ve now been using the device for a little over two […]

Navigon iPhone Satellite Navigation App Review

Apple have made quite a big deal regarding the sheer number of iPhone applications available. A figure of 50,000 was touted at WWDC.  That’s not insignificant, and Apple can be quite proud that they’ve created an atmosphere in which App developers want to publish (despite little hiccups along the way).  However, there’s been one glaring […]

Does iPhone OS 3.0 Indicate No Imminent Hardware Refresh?

Looking back at the lifecycle of iPhone software releases, it’s easy to identify Apple’s set objectives at the time. The initial release, which went hand in hand with the first iPhone hardware, was out there to quickly woo the market and gain a significant footing in an already crowded marketplace. It was aimed at early […]

iPhone 3.0 Software Previewed

Earlier today Apple gave the world a sneak peak of it’s upcoming iPhone version 3.0 software. This is clearly a substantial release, with Apple touting over 1000 new APIs and 100 end user features for this release. There’s already a significant amount of coverage out there regarding the preview, so let’s focus on some of […]

Google launches voice search iPhone app, hides it

You may have noticed that some of the tech blogs out there have been covering the botched launch of an update the Google’s iPhone application.  It was initially supposed to launch last Friday, but was not available until today.  The key new feature in this app is the ability to perform searches based on voice […]

5 Sure Fire Ways to Break Your Site in iPhone's Mobile Safari

Apple promises the full Internet on the iPhone. Not a cut down, mobile version like on other devices. It’s a bold statement, one that has already got them in hot water with the British ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). As a heavy user of the iPhone, I’d say that Apple comes as close to offering the […]

Where's Alex when you need him?

If there’s one thing missing from the 3g iPhone that everyone’s calling for, it’s voice guided navigation. While the maps application serves a purpose, it can be distracting if you’re trying to follow of while driving. Having to constantly check the screen isn’t as usefull, or as safe, as having voice prompts. The really baffling […]

5 Quick iPhone 3g Tips

I won’t beat around the bush, so here are 5 really quick iPhone 3g tips to keep you occupied. And even if you’re not using an iPhone 3g, many will work with the original iPhone and iPod Touch. So here goes. Don’t pay for ringtones – There’s no need to pay for ringtones.   Just […]

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