iPlayer on iPhone, Bravo!

After being critical of the BBC in the past, particularly in relation to their iPlayer project, I’ve got to hold my hands up and say they’ve done quite a nice job in porting it to the iPhone. Despite some long-lingering usability problems which just got much worse.

iPlayer Flash – Review

Today, the BBC launched a Flash version of the controversial iPlayer. So how does it stack up given the all round beating the download based iPlayer took? The first thing is that the iPlayer is now cross platform. Well, cross platform in as much as it uses Macrodobe’s Flash technology which, while still proprietary, at […]

Common Sense Prevailing? iPlayer in Flash?!?

I’ve been highly critical of the BBC’s iPlayer in the past.   Not only did it have some very obvious failings, including the interface and confusing DRM, but it was also tied to Microsoft Windows XP.   Well, not any more.   Mashable is reporting (without a source I might add) that the BBC have […]

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