3 Tips for Using Spaces in OSX Leopard

When OSX Leopard was first announced, Spaces was one of the features that got me most excited.   Whenever I’m at my Mac, I’m typically doing a number of things at the same time.   The ability to quickly and easily switch between seemingly full desktops, each of which containing applications, had me sold from […]

The Very Best Articles about Apple and OSX

This post summarises the best articles covering Apple and OSX from this site’s archives.

5 OSX Leopard Hidden Gems

Since my last two OSX Hidden Gem posts, OSX has gone up a version and many OSX users have entered the brave new world of Leopard.   Leopard has been an interesting release.   Not as major as some would have hoped yet still interesting enough to warrant the entrance fee. Just like the previous […]

All Signs Point to Multi-Touch Macs

With the persistent rumours about upcoming Multi-Touch Macs, is there evidence to support their introduction? I believe so, and it’s all come recently.

Leopard Roundup, and Why I'm Not Upgrading Yet

Yes, Leopard’s out.   Even as a daily Mac user, I’ve not upgraded yet, and I won’t be for a while.   There’s a very good reason for this, I work in software development.   It’s that simple.   I can’t remember the last time a so-called point zero release worked, it just doesn’t happen. […]

300 New OSX Leopard Features Listed

Sorry to inundate you with Apple News today, but I’ve come across a new page on the Apple website listing “all” 300 new features of Leopard. I’m going to have a look through them, and see if there are any hidden gems in there. So far I’ve already spotted Google Maps integration with Address Book, […]

Leopard Dated, Upgrade if you bought a Mac after October 1st

Apple have finally announced the release date for the new version of OSX, Leopard.   It’s out on October 26th, so mark your calendars and get the sleeping bag ready. At the same time, Apple have confirmed the much predicted UK price of £85 and has also said that if you bought a Mac on […]

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