The Obvious MacWorld 2009 Prediction, Now With Bonuses!

It’s the run-up to MacWorld, which means it’s time for some predictions. So let’s get the obvious out of the way. 17 Inch Quad-Core MacBook Pro To me, this is the obvious choice. Intel have releases Quad Core Notebook processors, and Apple have yet to announce an update to the 17 Inch MacBook Pro (the […]

The Future Apple Home

One of the key selling points of the Apple Lifestyle is the tight integration between their products and the “Just Works” philosophy. So where will this take us Apple users in the future? What can we expect Cupertino to be cooking up in secret?

5 Blogging Predictions for 2008

It’s time to throw out the calendars and hang up the new ones. The perfect time to make some predictions on the immediate future of blogging, and the blogosphere.

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