Why FireFox's Ubiquity could be a game changer

Mozilla, the people behind FireFox, have tentatively released a new plugin called Ubiquity out into the wild.   One fairly humble blog post on the Mozilla Lab’s Blog is, in my opinion, going to change the way we all think about the web. What is Ubiquity? The quick way of describing Ubiquity is to simply […]

Quicksilver Tip – Quicksilver as an App Switcher

Like pretty much every OSX user out there, I’m a huge fan of Quicksilver.   I’ve written about it on this very blog numerous times before.   There’s one aspect of Quicksilver I’ve failed to mention so far, and it’s something that I use every single day.   To put it simply, you can use […]

Two Tips for Easily Finding and Processing Images for your Blog Posts

Using photos in blog posts can give off a professional air. Using the tips in this post you can streamline your workflow for finding and processing image for use in your blog posts.

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