CSS Edit – Competition Part Deux!

CSS Edit is one of, if not THE best CSS editing application available on any platform.   It blows most others completely out of the water.   Why?   It’s a very mac-like application.   It’s fast, sleek, highly usable and does a fantastic job of catering for beginners and experienced users alike.   The […]

Essential Free OSX Utilities

There are hundreds of utilities out there for OSX. Some are useful, some are not. Some are free, some are expensive. This is a list of four absolutely essential FREE OSX utilities.

The Best Bundle of Mac Software? Maybe.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks, I thought I’d point out that Mac Heist have their second bundle of Mac Apps for sale.   At the moment there are 11 apps up for grabs for $49, thats about £25.   Currently, the bundle contains 1password, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, […]

App Zapper – Review and Competition

Apple says that if you want to install an application in OSX, all you have to do is drag it to the Trash.   While this will prevent you from using the App anymore, it leaves all sorts of files behind.   Preferences, temp files, plugins, you name it. This is where App Zapper comes […]

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Software Updates

Software updates are unique. They keep your products up to date and often provide new features for free. Something that doesn’t happen with any other products. But it’s not always that simple, and software updates often bring problems of their own.

300 New OSX Leopard Features Listed

Sorry to inundate you with Apple News today, but I’ve come across a new page on the Apple website listing “all” 300 new features of Leopard. I’m going to have a look through them, and see if there are any hidden gems in there. So far I’ve already spotted Google Maps integration with Address Book, […]

Leopard Dated, Upgrade if you bought a Mac after October 1st

Apple have finally announced the release date for the new version of OSX, Leopard.   It’s out on October 26th, so mark your calendars and get the sleeping bag ready. At the same time, Apple have confirmed the much predicted UK price of £85 and has also said that if you bought a Mac on […]

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