iPad Review

After months of hype and delays Apple finally released the iPad in the uk. For me it was a release filled with trepidation and uncertainty. As a card carrying Apple fanboi, I had to buy one, but it wasn’t something I was lusting after. There were many things about the iPad that excited me, but […]

Week of Safari 4 – Day Two, The Interface

It’s day two of my week with Safari 4 and after my initial impressions, I thought this would be an opportune moment to discuss the interface changes Apple have pushed out with this release. Tabs It’s difficult to discuss Safari 4 without talking about the Tab placement. Following in the footsteps of Google’s Chrome browser, […]

The Obvious MacWorld 2009 Prediction, Now With Bonuses!

It’s the run-up to MacWorld, which means it’s time for some predictions. So let’s get the obvious out of the way. 17 Inch Quad-Core MacBook Pro To me, this is the obvious choice. Intel have releases Quad Core Notebook processors, and Apple have yet to announce an update to the 17 Inch MacBook Pro (the […]

Reflecting on Apple's Laptop Event

On the face of it, Apple’s recent laptop event was fairly straight forward.   They refreshed the entire line-up of laptops and introduced a new Cinema Display.   But dig a little deeper, and it’s obvious that much was said “between the lines”. We’re not the market, don’t punish us for their mistakes As is […]

What's happened to FireWire?

Like many others, the purchase of a new iPhone 3g has rendered many of the iPod accessories obsolete.   The biggest surprise for me is that Apple’s own iPod dock, which was purchased with my 4g iPod, won’t charge my new iPhone.   There was talk of Apple changing the charging mechanism, but I refused […]

EverNote Review and Invite Give Away

EverNote is a new note recording application with a twist. It allows you to search within images. So does it work, and how well does it stack up against the tools I currently use for gathering information?

Five Tips to Succeed in IT After Leaving University

It can be difficult getting the right job when leaving university. IT is particularly hard with increased competition from your peers, people re-skilling and the always present threat of out-sourcing. So what can you do to raise yourself above the pack? How can you give yourself an advantage at a very difficult time? Try these five tips as a start.

How Can Apple Continually Upstage an Entire Industry?

Apple always appear to create huge amounts of buzz without really trying. So what tactics do they use? And how have they managed to upstage an entire industry two years in a row?

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