How to exploit the Olympics as a Blogger

The Beijing Olympics are big, no doubt about it.   But what do you do if you’re a blogger who’s blog doesn’t cover anything to do with the 2008 Olympics?   How can you take advantage of one of the most watched events in the world?   Let’s take a look at some ways even […]

Display Upcoming Events on the iPhone Sleep Screen Without Hacks or Apps

Moving from a Nokia N95 to an iPhone 3g (eventually), one of the things I will miss is the list of upcoming events on the home screen.   Essentially, it’s just a simple list of events in my calendar that occur in the next few days.   So how can we emulate this functionality on […]

Blogging With Images Just Got Easier

Two recent developments have made adding pictures to your blog posts a whole lot easier.

5 Websites to Save You Money

Feeling the pinch after the holidays? Try these five websites that will save you money.

Services for Bloggers that are Worth Paying for

Some things in life really are worth paying for. So what do you, as a blogger, need to be looking at investing in to make successful blog? As a minimum, take a look at these essentials.

Google Docs: The Best Way to Post to WordPress?

Ever since I started using WordPress, my writing has been done almost exclusively in the WordPress editor. Sometimes manually coding the HTML, sometimes using the rich text editor, always wondering if there was a better way. So for quite a while I experimented with various offline and online editors, but none of them quite came […]

Two Tips for Easily Finding and Processing Images for your Blog Posts

Using photos in blog posts can give off a professional air. Using the tips in this post you can streamline your workflow for finding and processing image for use in your blog posts.

From a Good Blog to a Great Blog – Some Tactics

Many good blogs, and bloggers, hit a wall that they struggle to progress past. This wall represents the move from being “Good” to being “Great”. I’ve set out some tactics for becoming a “Great” blogger, which I share in this post.

The Top 5 Uses for WordPress Custom Fields

If you use WordPress, I’m sure you’ve noticed the “Custom Fields” option you get when writing a post. For the vast majority of bloggers, this incredibly usefull, and versatile piece of functionality goes unused. At the moment you may be thinking that the reason you don’t use it, is that you have no use for […]

5 Things To Do When Starting A New Blog

Starting a new blog is always a difficult process. There are so many things that can go wrong, and if you put a step wrong at this point, it’s likely to haunt you well into your first year. The best way to counter these risks is to plan meticulously. When launching the blog you can […]

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