The 5 Most Annoying Types of Twitter Users

I love Twitter, I do.   Even though I took a while to “get it”, and then even longer to “like it”, I’m now a fan.   I have, however, made a conscience effort to limit not only my presence (follow me) on Twitter, but also the number of people I follow.   I believe […]

iPhone Twitter App Showdown

The iPhone App Store has been one of the few true triumphs with regards to the iPhone 3g launch.   Considering the problems Mobile Me has been having, the problems upgrading the firmware 2.0 and the mass activation problems that struck on day one, the App Store launch is really the only thing that went […]

The Easiest Way to Shorten URLs

We all come across situations where a URL is just a little bit too long.   OK, that may not be true, but anyone who has used Twitter (follow me on Twitter!) knows that every character counts, so being able to shorten a 73 character URL into a 25 character URL is essential.   The […]

Add Twitter to your FireFox Sidebar with Hahlo

Twitter is great.   Hahlo is great.   And, FireFox is great.   And when you combine the three, wow.   There’s been a rush of late with people puttin iPhone versions of sites into their FireFox Sidebar.   it’s a great idea as iPhone sites are typically formatted in such a way that allows […]

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