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The 5 Most Annoying Types of Twitter Users

I love Twitter, I do.   Even though I took a while to “get it”, and then even longer to “like it”, I’m now a fan.   I have, however, made a conscience effort to limit not only my presence (follow me) on Twitter, but also the number of people I follow.   I believe […]

Why is the Reddit RSS Feed Broken?

Like millions of other web users I look to some of the large social news websites to find new content.   Mainly Reddit, Digg and Mixx.   And, like millions of other web users I’m quite busy, so I rely on the RSS feeds of those websites to keep up with them.   However, recently […]

BBC Launches Topics – Friend Feed for Stuff

The BBC have announced a new service called /topics. It aims to provide a one-stop shop for all news relating to either a person, place or subject, with the news gathered from the BBC News Website. So how does it hold up?

Google Docs: The Best Way to Post to WordPress?

Ever since I started using WordPress, my writing has been done almost exclusively in the WordPress editor. Sometimes manually coding the HTML, sometimes using the rich text editor, always wondering if there was a better way. So for quite a while I experimented with various offline and online editors, but none of them quite came […]

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