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A New Look for a New year

To reflect a change in focus and a change in my interests I’ve redesigned this blog. In this post I discuss the main reasons for doing this, the process I followed and some of my goals. I also briefly discuss some of the tools and techniques I used in the redesign and where the blog is heading.

Help Shape the Future of WordPress

WordPress, the number one blogging platform on the Internet, is undergoing another fairly major change for version 2.7.   Amongst the changes is a restructuring of the Administration menus, which have only recently been redesigned.   If you happen to be a WordPress user, either self hosting or on WordPress.com, you can take part in […]

5 Sure Fire Ways to Break Your Site in iPhone's Mobile Safari

Apple promises the full Internet on the iPhone. Not a cut down, mobile version like on other devices. It’s a bold statement, one that has already got them in hot water with the British ASA (Advertising Standards Authority). As a heavy user of the iPhone, I’d say that Apple comes as close to offering the […]

How to Implement a Robust, Usable Image Thumbnail Solution in WordPress

In this article I’ll show you how to create a robust and usable thumbnail solution for WordPress themes. One that will automatically resize images and optionally add borders and copyright watermarks.

BBC Launches Topics – Friend Feed for Stuff

The BBC have announced a new service called /topics. It aims to provide a one-stop shop for all news relating to either a person, place or subject, with the news gathered from the BBC News Website. So how does it hold up?

If You Didn't See This Coming, You're a Civil Servant…

It’s Tax Return time. And, as if like clockwork, the HMRC website has gone down. But how can this continue to happen?

All Dressed Up for 2008 – Blog Re-Design Live

A new design has been rolled out to the blog and, for the first time, the entire site. Get the lowdown on what’s been done and why.

5 reasons why OSX is an unbeatable web development system

A few months ago I made the switch to Apple’s OSX after a long time as a dedicated Windows user. Overall I’m very happy with the experience so far, it’s really surpassed my expectations. There are loads of articles out there that tell you why you should switch and it seems a weekly occurrence for […]

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