WordPress at Risk from New Automatic, Distributed Attack – A Few Tactics for Prevention

The web’s been a bit of a buzz today regarding a report from the Internet Storm Center which detailed a new method of attack on WordPress sites.  Whilst this is a new take on an old trick, a simple brute force attack (where multiple passwords are attempted until one works), the delivery mechanism is causing […]

What WordPress Needs to do to Progress

Like millions of others, I’m a heavy user of WordPress. I run multiple blogs and am involved with many more.   I’m also finding that the number of sites I visit daily that are powered by WordPress is growing rapidly.   Everything from small one-man-band blogs to offshoots of major media outlets.   But despite […]

Help Shape the Future of WordPress

WordPress, the number one blogging platform on the Internet, is undergoing another fairly major change for version 2.7.   Amongst the changes is a restructuring of the Administration menus, which have only recently been redesigned.   If you happen to be a WordPress user, either self hosting or on WordPress.com, you can take part in […]

How to Implement a Robust, Usable Image Thumbnail Solution in WordPress

In this article I’ll show you how to create a robust and usable thumbnail solution for WordPress themes. One that will automatically resize images and optionally add borders and copyright watermarks.

WordPress 2.5 – Usability Oddities

The new WordPress 2.5 admin interface has been completely revamped with a focus on usability. But what slipped through the cracks? What can be improved on?

Does the WordPress Codex have the World's Worst Search?

When I’m developing a new WordPress theme, I inevitably end up hitting the WordPress Codex fairly regularly. Unfortunately, the more I get drawn into it looking for answers, the more it frustrates me. The problem isn’t necessarily the content, which does vary wildly depending on the page you’re looking at, it’s more about the navigation […]

My Latest Blog – And Complicated WordPress Theme Development

I’ve launched a new blog with a complicated and unique theme. Read about my thought process and techniques.

Blogging With Images Just Got Easier

Two recent developments have made adding pictures to your blog posts a whole lot easier.

Services for Bloggers that are Worth Paying for

Some things in life really are worth paying for. So what do you, as a blogger, need to be looking at investing in to make successful blog? As a minimum, take a look at these essentials.

All Dressed Up for 2008 – Blog Re-Design Live

A new design has been rolled out to the blog and, for the first time, the entire site. Get the lowdown on what’s been done and why.

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