Evernote: The Perfect Photographer's Notebook?

Since I first discussed Evernote on this blog, it’s gone from strength to strength. With every release the guys and gals at Evernote improve their offering, matching the functionality of other note taking apps while adding the cherry on top of text recognition. But for me, the real strength of Evernote comes from the fact […]

Google launches voice search iPhone app, hides it

You may have noticed that some of the tech blogs out there have been covering the botched launch of an update the Google’s iPhone application.  It was initially supposed to launch last Friday, but was not available until today.  The key new feature in this app is the ability to perform searches based on voice […]

Sat Navs to fall, what's next?

Mapping and Satellite Navigation features built into modern mobile phone such as the iPhone and the Nokia N96 have got Satellite Navigation manufacturers running scared.  And with good reason.  Why would you want to carry around a phone and a satellite navigation device?  Point and shoot digital cameras are under similar pressures, with features such […]

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