Content Producers and Developers Devaluing Their Work Through Business Models

This is something that’s been bugging me for a while. It’s something that started with multimedia but has now found its way onto Apple’s app store. I’m talking of the recent trend of charging per device or per medium. My first experience of this was with BSKYB when I upgraded my satellite system to high […]

How I Experience Content On The Internet

As a seasoned Internet user, I tend to consume quite a lot of content.  As a seasoned borderline OCD content consumer, I tend to spend quite a lot of time on the Internet.  The net result is that I subscribe to a lot of content sources and have done for a number of years.  During […]

Today's iPlayer News is…

I seem to be commenting quite a bit on the BBC iPlayer these days. I think there are two reasons for this. Firstly, as a tax license fee payer, I have a vested interest. Secondly, I want it to succeed. I really want to be able to watch BBC content at my convenience. I want […]

iPlayer Flash – Review

Today, the BBC launched a Flash version of the controversial iPlayer. So how does it stack up given the all round beating the download based iPlayer took? The first thing is that the iPlayer is now cross platform. Well, cross platform in as much as it uses Macrodobe’s Flash technology which, while still proprietary, at […]

How to Kill a Community?

Building a community of loyal, active readers is difficult, time consuming process fraught with dangers. So why, in the last 24 hours, have two major online publications put the loyalty of their communities in jeopardy? I’m not comparing the two cases, one is simply questionable behaviour while the other is downright despicable. So what am […]

Common Sense Prevailing? iPlayer in Flash?!?

I’ve been highly critical of the BBC’s iPlayer in the past.   Not only did it have some very obvious failings, including the interface and confusing DRM, but it was also tied to Microsoft Windows XP.   Well, not any more.   Mashable is reporting (without a source I might add) that the BBC have […]

5 Features that NEED to be in the new iPod

It looks pretty certain that we’re going to see a new iPod next Wednesday, hopefully 2. Multiple pictures have surfaced of the new iPod Nano, which looks like the current iPod Nano with the shins removed. But what of the big iPod? The one people keep on referring to as the iPod Touch? The one […]

5 Ways to Improve the iPlayer

I wrote up a review on the BBC’s iPlayer a few days ago. I admit that I took a fairly negative standpoint, but didn’t provide any real suggestions for improvement. At this point I’d also like to point out that I admire the BBC for what they are attempting, the UK has been behind the […]

BBC iPlayer – Review

A few days ago the BBC’s much discussed iPlayer went live to a beta audience. For now, I’ll stay away from the controversy the iPlayer has caused (and the irony that the “iPlayer” won’t work on an “iPod”, “iBook” or “iMac”, despite Apple popularising the “i” moniker) and just concentrate on the service itself. For […]

The BBC, Giving Incompetence a Bad Name

The news has been slowly breaking over the last few weeks that the BBC’s new “On Demand” service will be limited to Microsoft Windows.   Yes, thats right, the organisation funded by an enforced stealth tax is pulling another fast one by limiting it’s new service to just those running Windows.   I’m really struggling […]

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