Three iPad RSS Readers that take completely different approaches

When I bought an iPad, one thing I was really looking forward to doing was reading through my list of subscribed feeds every day. The iPad struck me as the perfect device for doing this. It’s portable, responsive and is just about the best content consumption device I’ve had the joy of owning. And one […]

iPad Review

After months of hype and delays Apple finally released the iPad in the uk. For me it was a release filled with trepidation and uncertainty. As a card carrying Apple fanboi, I had to buy one, but it wasn’t something I was lusting after. There were many things about the iPad that excited me, but […]

Why I'm Excited, and Nervous about the iPad

Across the pond people have been getting their hands on Apple’s latest toy, the iPad.  Here in the UK we’re left to vicariously live through others, reading reviews, checking out unboxing videos and sneaking peaks at upcoming apps, like some sort of weird stalker trying to gather intelligence on a future mate. It all feels a little, […]

UK Apple iPad Price – A Statistical Prediction

Whilst Apple have confirmed that the iPad will be coming to the UK at the same time as the US they are yet to announce any pricing.  So where the US is getting charged a very reasonable $499 (starting price), we don’t yet know what us in blighty are going to get charged. I’m not […]

Asking iPad Questions

Twitter was incredibly slow for an hour or so today.  Apple;s stock price fluctuates massively.  The number of entries in my RSS Reader was 80% above usual.  It had to be Apple’s Tablet reveal. It appears that many tech commenting sites and blogs have pitched their tents on one side of the fence already.  “It’s […]

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