App Zapper – Review and Competition

App Zapper LogoApple says that if you want to install an application in OSX, all you have to do is drag it to the Trash.  While this will prevent you from using the App anymore, it leaves all sorts of files behind.  Preferences, temp files, plugins, you name it.

This is where App Zapper comes in.  App Zapper is a very well designed application that provides a more robust method for uninstalling applications, and takes all the related files with it.  It’s a very simple concept, implemented very well.  In fact, the Zap noise that accompanies app removals actually makes it, dare I say, fun.  Or about as fun as uninstalling apps can be.  The interface is incredibly simple.  You choose an app to uninstall and drag it either into the application window or onto the application dock item.  There is also a wizard, reminiscent of Window’s “Find and Remove Programs” functionality.  App Zapper Application WindowYou won’t be using this.

In fact, it’s very difficult to highlight any areas for improvement.  Maybe better finder integration (right click option?) and a history with undo options would be good, but I can’t say I particularly miss either.  And besides, a lot can be said of developers that can show some restraint when it comes to adding features.

The Competition

I’m giving away a free copy of App Zapper.  If you fancy it, just leave a comment -or- email me.  Please be sure to include your Name.  I’ll use the email address you supply for registration purposes.

Update:  The closing date for this competition is Friday 25th of January.  All comments left on this blog from this point onwards will be considered as entries to both competitions.