UK Apple iPad Price – A Statistical Prediction

Whilst Apple have confirmed that the iPad will be coming to the UK at the same time as the US they are yet to announce any pricing.  So where the US is getting charged a very reasonable $499 (starting price), we don’t yet know what us in blighty are going to get charged. I’m not […]

Asking iPad Questions

Twitter was incredibly slow for an hour or so today.  Apple;s stock price fluctuates massively.  The number of entries in my RSS Reader was 80% above usual.  It had to be Apple’s Tablet reveal. It appears that many tech commenting sites and blogs have pitched their tents on one side of the fence already.  “It’s […]

A Look Back at Apple Special Event Invites

With speculation on Apple’s 27th January event rampant, can we read anything into the invitations that Apple have sent out? To find out I’ve gathered together all the past invites I could find, mapped them to the announcements they corresponded to and tried to look for trends.

Thoughts on an Apple Tablet

It seems almost inevitable.  The room’s been booked, the invitations have been sent out and the flights are scheduled.  Apple must be revealing a Tablet on the 27th.  There remains, however, many questions surrounding exactly what form the device will take. I have a particular interest in the tablet’s user interface.  Interfaces are something that […]

A New Look for a New year

To reflect a change in focus and a change in my interests I’ve redesigned this blog. In this post I discuss the main reasons for doing this, the process I followed and some of my goals. I also briefly discuss some of the tools and techniques I used in the redesign and where the blog is heading.

How I Experience Content On The Internet

As a seasoned Internet user, I tend to consume quite a lot of content.  As a seasoned borderline OCD content consumer, I tend to spend quite a lot of time on the Internet.  The net result is that I subscribe to a lot of content sources and have done for a number of years.  During […]

WordPress at Risk from New Automatic, Distributed Attack – A Few Tactics for Prevention

The web’s been a bit of a buzz today regarding a report from the Internet Storm Center which detailed a new method of attack on WordPress sites.  Whilst this is a new take on an old trick, a simple brute force attack (where multiple passwords are attempted until one works), the delivery mechanism is causing […]

5 Snow Leopard Hidden Gems

Apple’s newest revision of OSX, Snow Leopard, has been covered to death in recent days.  Thus rendering any sort of detailed review redundant.  So, as a launch day upgrader across a couple of Macs (one iMac, one MacBook), I thought I’d just point out some of the subtle changes I’ve not seen covered elsewhere.  Repetition […]

iPhone 3GS Review

Evolution not revolution seems to be the quote of choice amongst reviewers of the iPhone 3GS, but I think it sells the device somewhat short.  While it’s easy to dismiss minor bumps to speed, in practice it feels like a different phone.  I’ve now been using the device for a little over two weeks, going […]

Navigon iPhone Satellite Navigation App Review

Apple have made quite a big deal regarding the sheer number of iPhone applications available. A figure of 50,000 was touted at WWDC.  That’s not insignificant, and Apple can be quite proud that they’ve created an atmosphere in which App developers want to publish (despite little hiccups along the way).  However, there’s been one glaring […]

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