Adsense Optimisation, Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Heatmap of Adsense positionsAdsense can be a great money spinner for bloggers and webmasters. Getting the most out of it can be a bit of a dark art. And to muddy the waters even further, there’s loads of advice out there, some of which goes into an insane amount of detail. The problem is, everyone who gives advice can only do so based upon their own knowledge, which is usually limited to a site, or at most a group of sites. Personally, I want advice from someone who has all the knowledge. Someone who I know wants me to succeed. So who better than Google themselves?

Whilst exploring the Google Adsense help pages, I came across the three articles linked below. They give some great advice on optimising adverts for your site. Interestingly, Google give separate tips for three different types of sites, blogs, forums and normal websites. Not only are their tips based on the different layouts of these sites, but also the types of traffic each different site receives, which tells me immediately that they’ve put some real thought into this and actually used some of the vast data stores they must have. So if you use Google Adsense, the very first place you should check out for optimisation tips is Google themselves and, unlike many help articles, they’ve actually got you covered.

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